El Ministerio Tercer Milenio

Helping Church Leaders

Church leaders need advanced education in theology, biblical studies, and other Christian disciplines. That's why we're here. Think of us as an enormous online library of seminary instruction and research tools.

Publisher vs. School

El Ministerio Tercer Milenio is a publisher, not a school. So, we don't conduct live classes with students or offer degrees. But we have many educational resources for anyone that wants them, including online video courses, audio courses, reading materials, recommended assignments, and online testing. We can help your school expand its course offerings, or even help you start an online school.

Who Uses IIIM Materials?

Our courses are used in many seminaries, Bible colleges, churches and other ministries around the world. Our website provides these same materials to everyone at no cost.

Available Resources

This website provides video seminary instruction, audio seminary instruction, audio sermons and lectures, seminary lecture manuscripts, books, magazine articles, an extensive Q&A knowledgebase, and special sections dedicated to the study of Paul's letters and to worship.

Finding What You Need

Our navigation divides resources by media type:

  • video (under the watch section of our navigation bar; also available on DVD and flash drive through our eStore)
  • audio (under the listen section of our navigation bar)
  • text (under the read section of our navigation bar)

We also have a custom search engine that searches by media type, author/speaker/teacher, subject, series, and keyword. There's a Google search option, too, but we recommend using that only if you can't find what you need through our custom search engine.

To take fullest advantage of this website, you'll need a relatively current version of your browser with JavaScript enabled.

Getting Involved

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